Thursday, 6 July 2017

In the light of an elf

Hello lovely creatures.❤

I am really proud and happy to publish this article as I've been working on it for some time. It has been a concept in my mind for months and it's finally ready to see the light. Which light? The light of an elf. Because in this article, I have the honour to host a person I admire not only for his skills but also for his energy, something that doesn't happen frequently.

Jocke Leandro Johansson. All content is taken from his personal social media accounts and all copyrights are reserved to him.

A few words about Jocke

I gave a hint of his presence here, on a previous post but now It's time to present him properly. The word's about Jocke Leandro Johansson or well-known as "Arendir"- the Elf. Jocke is the (elf) guitarist of the great power metal band "Twilight Force" which was the initial cause to discover him. I've been listening to this band, i loved their songs and at last i had the luck to watch them live (March 2017). That was a memorable moment  as I didn't only enjoy the concert the way it was but I also felt a really unusual flow of energy across my body and mind. The band's performance was lovely and the audience could easily get into their spirit but what was significant, for me at least, was the energy flowing out of Jocke. I could see a guitarist who didn't just play speed solos and epic riffs. He was epic enough to perform with his elf ears and clothes giving the impression of a free and crazy spirit, really close to my way of thinking. He had half of his face covered during his performance, yet I received how passionate he was along with the fact that I somehow sensed there is a lot of depth behind the looks. That's the reason he was able to create such an atmosphere and pass this type of vibes. The few rare times I've experienced this feeling before, it came from persons who were highly self-aware and had spent time working on their mental existence too. I was really inspired and decided to discover more about who Jocke is, inside. That's the point when the Idea of this article was born.

It didn't take long until I realised my instinct was right. Upon some conversations, my respect on his face was increased because i could spot the work he had done on himself. His positivity and bright light were not a reflection of an easy and perfect life. They are the medals he wears after a lot of hard work day after day, rising up and fighting the struggles of life. We all suffer, we all have flaws and weaknesses, we all bend through hard times (short or long term). The way he acts and treats people is so gentle, honest, real and pure. And that's what i call "gold" in mental terms. Shoutout to the souls out there that keep on helping, supporting, encouraging both themselves and the others, to those who struggle but on the same time remain gentle and kind, to those who release a lot of light to brighten other souls' paths.

It was really comforting to feel this connection with a person of same mentality as mine and I was lucky enough to share and exchange thoughts. I got really inspired and motivated to hold on my goals and of course to keep working hard on this blog and provide help and support to all in need. It recharged my energy deposits so I got a spiritual lift which allowed me to be even more productive and optimistic after some facts that discouraged me.

So, long story short, I decided to share a few details about Jocke with you as I consider him one of the most motivational persons I met.

He deserves to be known and I hope you will feel inspired as I did.

Here is a different type of interview between me and Jocke.

 As you will notice the questions are not the typical band related ones. These info can be dragged out of the Internet at any time.

What I'd like to show here is who Jocke is, as a soul.

What's behind his constant smile and spirituality.

1.      Jocke Leandro or... Arendir? Is the character you perform close/similar to how Jocke thinks and vibes in real life?

To me a nickname is more pesonal/funny than the classic human names, like for example how the indians named thier children, its more specific to the person. The funny thing is that the lore of our characters has some truth about our life baked in to it, i think mine has the most with the love for trees, lakes and nature and the feeling of being the black(white:)) sheep of my family, sometimes my dad jokes about me being a kid droped by the stork.

2.      You appear to be really positive and optimistic through your constant smile. Which are your sources of energy/strength and motivation/inspiration?

      Hard one, i think the main reason is that i have the privilege to live my passion, who wouldn't be happy then? I even do that with the people i love playing with! And of course i get happy to see the eyes of the people in the audience and meet them afterwards. It's an emotional chain that works. I put effort in what i like to do, and you get appreciation in responce. thats a currency with higher value than money!

3.      You mentioned you’re keen in psychology, there is for sure visible spirituality around you. How has this “journey” affected your life? Did you change (for example: habits) through the process?

      Wow, its visible? crap... maybe thats why some people call me a hippie, just kidding :)

      This journey has made me feel like my life has come to a point when i finaly feel home. so in a way it feels like the opposite of changing my life since ive spend all my life preparing/traning/working towards this kind of life in an enviroment that didn't feelt like mine. even though i would never identify as my new life cuz things can change and life is more complex than just what we do even though we get to live our passion.

4.      Living a life where you can do something you really seem to love and be passionate about (guitar playing) is the highest dream for some persons. Through this intense lifestyle, do you have other dreams?

      Prefect follow-up Question, yes i have a dream wich involves the concept of what is "nice" to have, and what is "need" to have in life, cuz when you give up something you always gain something. sorry for the vague answer but the big dream of mine will be revealed shortly!

      I can add that a thought tough, the things we earn money to buy is mostly items to save time in everyday life or to be entertained, yet we are stressed out or asses more than ever.. The balance between life and work is very unbalanced in my opinion...

5.      After an exhausting day/week/period, which are the thoughts Jocke makes to find calmness?

      I usualy go out and sleep in the forest either alone or with friends depending on the season. and physical training is also good to ease stress. Or sometimes i just listen to my self and try to figure out what i need to do in that moment, could be either something of the things i metioned before or it can just be watching a great movie, or just a walk.  

6.      Which is the strongest lesson your took for yourself so far?

       The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.

7.      What expresses your soul better leading you to inner peace? Fire, Earth, Air or Water?

     All four. maybe even a fifth. its like the same way you need 3 components to make a fire... heat, air and fuel.

Thank you so much for your time, answers and great co-operation Jocke! 

That was it for today. I am so delighted to present and host one of my inspiration sources on my blog.
I really hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did and you got motivated to extract your inspiration in order to improve yourself and get creative. Find souls that match yours and exchange positivity. Our world needs more of it. Always remember to love and be gentle with yourselves, embrace your special features just as much as you want someone else to do so.
Stay tuned for more upcoming content. Till then chase your dreams, dare to be the way you want to and take care.
 Much love,


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    1. Thank you very much for your feedback! It is really helpful to get an insight on my readers' opinion! :) Feel free to reach me for any suggestion/question you may have !

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  3. Dear Genious Person, thank you so much for your feedback! Such words are always heartwarming and i am more than glad that you found some value here! Stay tuned because tonight a new article will be up! Best wishes :3

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    1. Hello dear Naveed Shaikh! Anything I post here is after my personal experience, whether it is a fitness, heath or spiritual content. It is what I gained from my journey so far. I am also a scientist so external knowledge (as well as A LOT of studying) has helped a lot to backup all these lessons with a scientific aspect too and make everything more clear to my beloved readers. As for this particular article about Jocke, I know him in person (met him again after this article was published) so these information are just my experience! I am glad you have found value on my work! Your feedback is very well appreciated :)

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